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About Us

Driven by passion and love for vintage Turkish rugs, Turk Rugs was conceived to provide an array of carefully curated beautiful vintage rugs all handmade in Turkey during around the 1940s to 1980s. We want each and everyone to own and experience the beauty and class a Turkish rug can bring at a revolutionary price point and without the need to actually travel and visit Turkey.

As a small family-run business based in Kayseri (Turkey), we get our rugs directly from skilled Anatolian women (or from their direct families) around central Anatolian region in Turkey. These rugs were made years back and handed down from one generation to the next directly or as wedding dowries. 
Turk Rugs Inventory
Our vintage rugs inventory in Kayseri, Turkey.
We aspire to sell these rugs to those who love Turkish rugs and know the value of antique and vintage hand-knotted/hand-woven pieces. We sell rugs to help those who seek Turkish rugs at the most reasonable prices and to support the Turkish tradition and all the mothers who painstakingly made the rugs by hand.

Quality and Integrity

If you are looking for authentic Turkish rugs handmade on traditional looms using only natural materials and dyes, then you are at the right place. 

Our vintage rugs are made from hand-spun vegetable-dyed organic wool (we also have a few fine rugs made from 100% silk!). Natural materials are more durable than synthetic materials guaranteeing a rug that can last for years. Natural dyes, on the other hand, provide colors that will not change for years and get brighter and more beautiful especially when in direct sunlight.

We believe in providing Turkish rugs in a timely manner; backed by excellent customer service and a customer-first and quality-first business policy.

Turk Rugs Process

All vintage rugs sourced from remote villages in Turkey will need to be cleaned, reconditioned, and restored before they're ready for home use. We employ several procedures to do so with each of them described in the pictures below:
Rug dusting
We thoroughly dust off each vintage rug in a rug tumbler.
Rug washing
We professionally wash the rugs and we'll also re-wash them should it need one before shipping to our customers.
Rug cropping
We crop the rug to even the pile.
Rug stretching
For rugs that are slightly crooked, we stretch them to make sure they will lay flat.
Rug repairing
We check rugs with knot issues and make sure to restore them.
Vintage rugs ready to be photographed
Our vintage rugs are now ready to be photographed and be posted in our shop.
We're again ready to travel to remote villages around central Anatolia, sometimes together with this lovely assistant of ours.

The Turk Rugs Advantage

Handmade and Natural. We only sell rugs that are handmade on traditional looms by skilled weavers and artisans in Turkey using organic sheep wool and vegetable dyes.

Best Price Guarantee. We get rugs directly from the source (weavers or their direct families in remote villages in Turkey) allowing you to skip the entire layers of distribution channels that inflate prices.

Satisfaction Guarantee. We are completely committed to customer satisfaction. In case you find that our rug isn't for you, you can return it and get your money back.

Fast and Free Shipping. We provide fast shipping at no additional cost to you. All rugs are shipped from Turkey using DHL Express, FedEx, or UPS and will arrive within 3 - 7 business days.

Top-Notch Support. We always provide exceptional support we'd want to experience ourselves and we strive to make every buying experience as smooth as possible for everyone.

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